it's bitter baby, and it's very sweet

i'm on a rollercoaster

but i'm on my feet

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<3: my baby, nail polish, makeup, hello kitty, sparkles! tanning, tech n9ne, love, tea, friends, art, music, disney movies, chocolate, graphic design, shoes, road trips, pajamas, loud music, cuddling,

<\3: waking up, saying goodbye, forgetting, rude people, being cold, nightmares, being late, spiders, silence,
distance & missing people,

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''You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.''
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hello sunshine.

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This is just my edit but I fucking love this

"I just need a person" or "I just used a person"

I feel like the original way you read it says something about you.

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